The American Experiment has Failed.

Let’s be clear from the start.  I’m not condoning violence.  I’m eliciting rational thought about the direction our country has taken.  It has become more and more clear to me that the American Experiment has failed…and failed miserably.

As citizens we have been conned into focusing our daily lives on fighting among each other over issues that have no relevance to a prosperous nation for all.  Not just the wealthy, but for all.  Two political parties, and an axe to grind.  We’re passionate about meaningless aspects of our daily lives, that we forget what is most important to all the citizens, not just those from the left or the right.  Even the terms “left” and “right” are terms that have been planted in to our psyche in an effort to focus on working against each other, as opposed to with each other.  Meanwhile the puppet masters at the very top become richer and more powerful every day.

I believe that what is most important to all of us is our family.  In an effort to build a better life for our families, we’ve been taught the only way to achieve this goal is to push and pull our way up the social ladder, whoever gets in our way be damned.  Retention of this perceived power we accumulate during our rise to the top allows us to conveniently forget from where it is we all came.  The vast majority of us were not born with a silver spoon in our mouths.  Yet, the societal norm is to focus on getting there regardless of the obstacle.  We see these roadblocks as minor annoyances, and we have no issue whatsoever with ramming the barrier in support of our belief that we’re making a better life for our families, regardless of the effect it has on our neighbor.

The American people have fallen victim to one of the largest and grandest cons in the history of the civilized world.  We’ve been led to believe that we control our own destiny.  Yet, we do not.  We’ve been told that we can choose representatives who will support our beliefs and way of life once they are elected to higher office.  Power corrupts.  The founding fathers warned us against it.  These “representatives” we elect do not serve us.  Instead, they tell us what we want to hear, what they know we want them to say.  But they have no intention on keeping those promises.  Their true goal is to rise to the top, and be part of the problem rather than the solution.  They continue to throw fuel on the flames of our ignorance, keeping our focus on fighting one another instead of working together to affect real change for the betterment of each other.

They’ve convinced us to lock up those who object.  Many of us are preordained not to succeed.  We are told that all life is precious, and we stand together to fight for that; however, we choose not to help those who need it…because they’re “lazy”, or beneath us.  Our priorities are all out of whack.  We are simply following our masters, hook, line and sinker.

Our military has become big business.  We have been told that it is necessary to protect our freedoms, yet at the very same time the government that “protects” us takes freedom away while we watch, and we thank them for it.  We lose freedoms every day, any we gladly turn over our rights because the government tells us we’re safer without them.  This is hardly a free country anymore.  We’re living in a fantasy world where freedom is actually an illusion.  We lock up the poor and disenfranchised, striping them of their ability to vote for change…effectively creating a state of modern-day slavery while ensuring the status quo.  We place more citizens in prison than any other first world country, and we turn a blind eye and truly believe it is for our own safety.  We’ve become a content and ignorant people.  Look at the line items on your tax return.  There are two which that have real meaning, FICA and Medicaid/Social Security.  Ironically the federal government doesn’t tell you exactly how much of our individual income tax is actually spent on what.  The military is the number one line item, and we gladly give them our money, and then the audacity to complain about the cost.

I say enough is enough.  This is our country, not theirs.  The only way to create real change is to revolt.  We must stand together, united, and say “no more!”  It is time to demand that our country truly represent the needs of its citizens.  Our government, as it stands today, is beyond repair.  It is time to storm the castle.  It is time for them to leave, by force if necessary.  We must create a nationwide movement which dictates our government represent us, the people, and not the rich and powerful.  Be it a lifetime Republican or Democrat, the two biggest choices we’ve been indoctrinated in to believing can represent us, we need to stand together and fight for what is ours…the United States of America.  We need to march up to the proverbial steps of our federal government and say “you’re fired!”

However; this change can only happen when we work together, in masse, and demand it.  There is a reason that the French had an uprising so many years ago against the aristocracy.  They lived in a country that had become very similar to ours, and when the citizens reached a breaking point they took back control of their country and cut the head off the snake, literally.  Health insurance and drug companies, both the military and prison industrial complexes have taken control of our country, and it’s time for that to change.  When any threat, be it small or large, to our federal governments far reach of power exists…the government destroys it and calls it “radical extremism”, and we follow along like minions.  The real threat is the very government that has sworn to protect us.  The rally call has been loud and clear for quite some time.  Now, there must be action.

There is very little any one of us can do our own.  But, if we can get the message out, and work together, anything is possible.  As our founding fathers taught us…all men are created equal.  And no man should receive cruel or unreasonable punishment.  But, that’s exactly what has happened to use, the citizens.  Stand with me, hundreds, thousands or even millions and take back what is rightfully ours.


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