Fuelpack FP3 – Harley Davidson Softail

I purchased this product last week, and was able to use it today.  As is typical with all products, the instructions were fairly; however, there was one important piece missing.

Where do I plug in the device?

I won’t bore you with the details, but the answer to the question is NOT to start removing cables from the ECM underneath the seat.  I didn’t, but it did cross my mind.

The FP3 plugs in to the diagnostics port under the seat.  This is a female plug with a rubber attachment inside it.  I have a 2016 Softail Deluxe; however, I assume they’re all pretty much the same.  Yes, it will be close to the ECM, but I imagine this isn’t necessarily a requirement on the part of the bike’s manufacturer.

Anyway, keeping it simple, just look for a square shaped plug with NOTHING (aside from a rubber plug blocking it from dust/grime) attached to it.  Wiggle the rubber piece out, and you are good to go.  When you are done, just put the rubber plug back in to place, and then re-seat the diagnostics port from where you removed it!

The rest of the instructions that come with the product are very straightforward.  Download the app for your phone, pair using Bluetooth, and go forth and conquer.  In my particular case, after pairing the device immediately realized that it needed a firmware update.  That required the internet (obviously) and about 5 minutes of time downloading and flashing the new firmware to the FP3.

Anyhoo…  let me know if you have any questions.  It really was easy, and awesome to use.  I don’t even have an aftermarket air cleaner or exhaust yet; but it still had an improved tune to use since the factory tune is very lean.


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