Point Break (2015) – 2 hours of my life that I’ll never get back


The original movie, Point Break, was released in the early 90’s.  The story line was fairly simple.

A small group of surfers, seeking a spiritual experience, robbed banks (disguised as “The Dead Presidents”) to finance their expensive hobby of traveling the world to surf the best waves.  These guys loved to surf.  Not only did they love surfing, but it wasn’t just a hobby as much as it was a way of life.  They also enjoyed skydiving.  Despite skydiving being in their repertoire, surfing was their first love.  A rookie FBI agent, named Johnny Utah, was tasked with infiltrating the group and bringing them to justice.  Along the way, he began to sympathize with this band of vagrants and their leader “Bodhi”, and question where is true allegiances lie.   The climax of the story is when Utah catches Bodhi’s group in the act of robbing a bank, and the subsequent chase to follow.  In the end, Utah releases Bodhi so he can surf this once in a lifetime wave, knowing that Bodhi won’t survive.  Utah realizes at this moment that he and Bodhi aren’t much different, just on opposite sides of the law.

A few minor details are left out of my synopsis above, but I’ve explained the general idea.  The original Point Break wasn’t a blockbuster movie.  It was a good movie and extremely popular at the time.  It was one of the very first movies to show skydiving, and I think that was a fairly interesting draw.  The plot and story line were very clear.  A cast of characters were played by well known actors such as Keanu Reeves, Patrick Swayze, Gary Busey and Anthony Kiedis of the band “Red Hot Chili Peppers”.



Now, fast forward to 2015.  Alcon Entertainment has decided to release a bastardized version of Point Break.  This is not a remake, but instead a new movie with characters having the same names as their counterparts in the original.  This new movie is nothing more than a weak and transparent attempt to revive the Point Break “feel” by over doing it with the character’s relentless desire to spend every waking moment of their lives breaking every law known to man, and chasing some new adrenaline rush.  The story is similar to the original.  A rookie FBI agent tries to infiltrate a group of criminals in an effort to stop them.  However; in this movie the group is comprised of extreme adrenaline junkies who justify how they combine each adrenaline rush with a new crime as “being one with the Earth”.  These are my words; however the point I’m making remains the same.  This group of misfits is chasing these 8 retarded ways to be one with nature; invented by some dead Asian dude, and somehow their interpretation of that is to commit crime in the process.

One scene in the movie shows the characters releasing millions of dollars on to the ground while skydiving in to a gigantic cave somewhere in Mexico.  Somehow, committing crimes paired with an adrenaline high brings this group closer to nature.  Hogwash.

First the acting is terrible.  Next, I just felt like the movie was one big, giant race.  The plot was known to the viewer by way of seeing the first movie.  In this movie however; the realism of the ability to move from one local to another, 1000’s of miles from each other, from one day to the next is absurd.  They’re hiking to the summit of a mountain, snowboarding off of what would be absolute death to about 7 billion other inhabitants of this planet; however to these guys it’s just another day at the park.  There was even reference to them base jumping off of the summit of Mt. Everest.

Another scene was comprised of a huge party at sea, where rogue waves left over from a super storm were drawing every manner of life to surf these massive swells.  Somehow, none of the boasts encircling the waves were ever in any danger of being sucked in.  Seriously?

I’ll never get these 2 hours of my life back, nor the $35 spent between seeing this atrocity in 3D and 2 drinks and a pack of sweet tarts.  Save your time and money and watch just about anything else, like Sister Act starring Whoopie Goldburg.


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