Organized religion and terrorism

I spent a large amount of my formative years surrounded by Muslims.  Consequently, Christian indoctrination was also the religious focus which my parents and family strived to make a staple of my youth.  My siblings were no different.  Ironically, as adults my brother and sister feel similarly to me.  We’ve all renounced religion and a belief in any supernatural mono-theist god.  I attribute a large portion of our belief system to our exposure to several religions, and our experience with respect to so many different cultures and beliefs.  We were world travelers.  As such, we were subjected to Judaism, Islam, Christianity, Hindu and many more.  Additionally, our skepticism influences researching ancient religions which claimed their way was the right way.  Greek mythology and even the pharaohs of Egypt had significantly different beliefs when compared to modern religion.  Because of our exposure to all these different religions, which claimed they were the one and only religion that was right, seriously impacted our faith that any one religion is “the way”.  It’s easy to make a conclusion that either one of them was the true path to God, or none of them were.

Some religions, when taken out of context, preach and even reward those who use force to convert the many other people in the world who maintain different beliefs.  Others use less overt methods of indoctrination, such as missions to gullible and uneducated peoples around the world.  Often these people don’t even understand why the sun rises each day; nonetheless will accept the teachings of foreign influences claiming to know the true path to salvation.

History has demonstrated the undeniable truth that religion doesn’t result in peace.  Instead religion has played a significant part in war.

One definition of Politics is “the total complex of relations between people living in society.”

Terrorism can be defined in many ways.

It’s hard for any educated person to not recognize that political and religious motivation has been the number one catalyst in almost every war in the history of recorded time.

Most recently, far right-wing Evangelical Christians have played on the weaknesses of their constituents in order to gain access to leadership positions; thus resulting in the ability to orchestrate religion-based political policy.  Radical Islamists have used fear and threats against the world and even members of their own religion to promote their barbaric goals.  Either camouflaged by the blanket of political leadership or the direct use of violence, religion uses terrorism and war to attain its goals.

I posit that there can be no religion without violence, and therefore no religion without terrorism.


3 thoughts on “Organized religion and terrorism

  1. OMG! Your Dad and I created three little monsters! LOL. Seriously though, we DID raise you in a Christian environment, but our principle purpose was to teach and instill morals in you. We fully understood that you would grow up and develop your own belief system, and you have. I think organized religion can be a good thing, but I agree with you that it has caused an awful lot of damage. I have, consequently, abandoned organized religion for a more spiritual existence. I answer to my own innate sense of right and wrong and I believe we’re all part of, and derive our strength from, an intelligent energy that is greater than any one of us. As I’ve always said, “different strokes for different folks”.

  2. I was with you all the way until you attacked the right without attacking the left. I grant you that the conservative right is a joke and I love the way the hardcore right is all of a sudden finding Jesus because they think it will get them elected but the left is as ludicrous and would, left to its own devices, allow our country to crumble under its own weight or simply allow another more nefarious entity , through slow and calculated desensitization, to walk in and take over. I guess my point is turn around and look at your beloved dems but take off your rose colored glasses first. This post would have been awesome if it were non-partisan and acknowledged that all the American politicians are corrupt and completely unfit to do the job they so unselfishly offered to perform for THE GOOD OF THE PEOPLE.

    1. Evan, you’re acting as if my post was about Republicans and Democrats. It’s actually pretty insulting that you made comments about my “beloved dems”. This post is about religion and its direct relationship with terrorism. Obviously my post had nothing to do with one political party in our country. I simply used 2 examples that came to mind. I could have used many more. My post IS non-partisan. If I wanted to make a post about the differences between political parties in the United States, I would have. Don’t jump to conclusions, evidently it hit a nerve. You’re much better than that.

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