ISIS and Terrorism – Make a Difference

Whether you agree with me or not, get off your butt and do something to incite change.  Your voice does matter, and together we can make a difference.  I’ve written a letter to my congressmen, senators and the President (see below).  Write your own.  Help protect our freedom.  It seems to me our leaders need some guidance.  They sure as hell aren’t focused on what is important to me.

[Your Name]
[Your address]
[Your city, state, zipcode]
[The date]

President Barrack Obama
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

Dear President Barrack Obama,

I am writing to you regarding ISIS and the ongoing threat they impose on both the United States and the entire world.  I voted for you and am a lifelong Democrat.  I come from a family of lifelong Democrats as well.

Right now I consider the ISIS terrorist threat to be the number one concern to which our country should be concerned.  My wish is that you make this yours as well.  I do not believe we are focusing enough attention on solving this problem.  Instead it is my belief that we are placating the masses with just enough action to keep the citizens of our country at bay; however we truly need to broaden our reach and use whatever resources we have to combat this plague of terrorism that is spreading across the world.  I hope that this correspondence will be taken seriously and that our federal government will commit to taking further military action against ISIS.  I do not believe we are doing enough.

Please consider my request and concerns.  You’ve done a fantastic job as President.  Please do not allow your legacy to be one that left this particular stone unturned.  It is time to eradicate these extremist terrorist groups from the world.


[Your Name]


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