Ted Cruz Wasting Our Tax Dollars and Time

Ted Cruz is up there going on & on not because the ACA (Obamacare) is such a bad thing.  He’s up there protecting the interests of the rich.  

Private health care can’t compete with gov’t funded health care, and the private health care industry lines the pockets of the Republican Party big time. Ted Cruz is showing everyone how much he cares about this country, which is not at all. Cruz and his tea-bagger buddies don’t care about the man or woman who gets up and goes to work everyday for a company that does not provide healthcare to its employees. The ACA helps those people and I have absolutely no problem with that.

Now the jokers standing on the corner or sitting at home who aren’t trying to help themselves, I’m not really concerned about them. It shouldn’t be a privilege to simply go to the doctor. I sure hope that I don’t ever get so arrogant and pompous as to where I forget that the only reason I can afford decent health care is because the company I work for provides me with excellent medical benefits.  I’m blessed, I’m fortunate, and I just can’t bring myself to look down my nose at those who are less fortunate. I’m no better than anyone else.  But the Republicans seem to think they are.  Ted Cruz is railing against government subsidized healthcare while he’s enjoying the subsidized health care that comes along with being a senator.  What a hypocrite.  Paul Ryan did the same thing with the stimulus plan. Ryan was railing & railing against President Obama’s stimulus plan while at the same time submitting requests for stimulus funds for the state of Wisconsin. Joe Biden called him out on it during their VP debate too. This is why no one is taking the Republicans seriously but the Republicans. This dumb stunt by Cruz isn’t helping the GOP, it’s hurting them. They’re going to lose more seats in the House & Senate because of this foolishness.

The GOP thinks they can lie & scare people into doing what they want them to do. Keep talking Ted. No one listening though.


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