End the “Cocaine Drug War”

I’ve spent the last hour watching a series on the History channel, devoted to educating the viewer on the drug trade.  This series is trying to teach the viewer how cocaine is harvested in Colombia, South America and then sold to drug cartels in Mexico, who then bring the drugs across the border into the United States for sale.

The question that keeps coming up is “is the drug war making a difference?”  And, the obvious answer is an undeniable no.  This drug war has been going on for over 40 years and trillions of federal tax dollars have been spent to fight this war.  However; I see this as a total waste of time and money.  Nobody seems to have an answer, yet I see this as nobody wants to face the reality of the problem.

COLOMBIA is the problem.  We can say that cocaine is the problem; however if the source of the cocaine is Colombia, and we’ve been fighting to stop its export for 40 years without success, it seems simple to me to come to the conclusion that ending the export of cocaine out of Colombia is the answer.  Sounds easy enough?  Well, yes it technically is.  We can stop being politically correct and just issue an ultimatum.  Colombia has not been able to control their own people from breaking the law, and the United States seems to love getting involved in fighting other people’s battles (Iraq is a great case in point).  So, I suggest the following.

We burn Colombia to the grown, from coast to coast, the entire country.  The only way to destroy this problem is to DESTROY the problem.  Enough with the “war on drugs” being a weak representation of a real war.  Colombia is responsible for more death and destruction in our country than almost any other, and they’ve been doing it for half a century or more.

Napalm the whole damn place to the ground.  Yes, this would be expensive; yet the problem would be gone almost overnight.


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