Vista Window Film

We’ve lived in our home for about 6 years.  During this time we’ve been tormented by the heat and bright light from our West facing sliding glass doors.  No longer!

I had Vista window film installed last week.  It is a miracle cure.  I can’t report on lower energy bills yet, obviously; however it will no doubt bring down our air conditioning usage.  I’d also like to give a little shout out to Sun Stopper, the company which installed our window film.  They were knocking on my door and leaving in less than 1 hour.  Evidently, they do both homes and automobiles.

Before deciding on Vista, I investigated 3M.  They were quite a bit more expensive and the reviews I read on the web weren’t necessarily all that flattering.  I am certain I made a good decision.  I paid $285 for an 8’ x 8’ sliding glass door.

Below is an image I took with my iPhone with the door partially open.  This image was taken mid-afternoon and it is easy to see what a huge difference the window film is making.  Additionally, notice the difference in contrast and how now the clouds and blue sky are much more evident.



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