Modern Slavery

Republican leadership has been using scare tactics for so long, that their voters rarely question any political move they make anymore.  As the mid-term elections have just passed Republican’s have taken a majority on Congress.  However; despite this newfound majority, they are continuing their long term strategy of block and punt.

Block – Do not allow any bill that will provide forward progress and/or any measureable positive change on the masses.

Punt – Push off making changes that the voters want under the auspices of “this isn’t really what’s going to solve the current dilemma”.

It’s a damn shame that so many Americans are so ignorant to the actual Republican leadership’s agenda.  If they did understand the true nature of what their leadership is trying to accomplish they would most certainly vote them all out of government and allow the people to take control of their own fate.

Do not be mistaken, the modern Republican leadership maintains one goal.  That is to enrich their own lives and wallets at the ultimate expense to you, the lowly tax payer.  As long as they keep you believing that they serve to help make your life better, the longer they can block and punt every single effort that is made by other political parties to eliminate these problems.  The make you a slave by having you buy into their nonsense and believe that they serve to help you, meanwhile they bury you even deeper.

What is the one thing that you always hear from Republican leadership?  Cut taxes!  Stop big government!  Well, true, the best way for you to have access to your hard earned money would be to pay less tax.  However; this comes with a huge cost.  The price of freedom is NOT free!  Your military is the single largest expense that your taxes pay for.  If we cut taxes, we must also cut spending on military.  Well, we all know that is not going to happen, so instead the government just prints more money to pay for military, despite the fact that they aren’t collecting enough to cover the military expenses.  This in turn de-values what little money you DO earn (even though they’re supposedly making your life better by charging you less taxes).  So, the net result is that you’ve earned more of something that is worth less and at the same time, your leadership has put you (the taxpayer) in even more debt as the government has spent money it didn’t have to begin with, so you or your children’s taxes will need to be increased to pay for something that could have been covered initially without the unnecessary tax break!

There is a reality that the Republican leadership doesn’t want you to recognize.  Revenue pays the bills.  This will NEVER change.  Someone has to pay, and right now they’re convincing you that the super wealthy shouldn’t be taxed at a rate that’s any higher than the one in which you are being charged.  The simple truth of the matter is this, however.  They CAN afford it.  Can you?


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