Killing our Planet?

Earth’s current orientation with the Sun (the center of our solar system) places the countries above the equator in a more direct line with radiation, solar winds, heat, etc.  The majority of the land mass on Earth is also north of the equator.  Anyone living in the Southeast of the United States wouldn’t argue that we’ve had some unusually intense weather this year.  In Florida, we had one of the longest and coldest winters that I’ve seen in the 20+ years that I have lived here.

A report from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) indicated that June 2010 was the warmest June on record globally!

In Argentina (south of the equator), the past week has shown some of the coldest weather in recorded history.

 Not widely publicized, but something I have found to be interesting is the still unknown effect of our currently shrinking thermosphere (part of our upper atmosphere).  Read here.

 These two extreme differences in weather make perfect sense, given the location of the land masses north and south of the equator in relation to the solar radiation being emitted upon the Earth combined with polar ice caps melting, less radiation being absorbed by polar ice caps, a rise in water temperature, etc.

 There are many who would have us believe that human induced global warming is not possible.  There are others who are convinced that we can and have affected our global weather conditions; and as we’ve become a more industrialized world we’ve done irrepairable damage to what we’ve become accustomed to knowing as a livable environment.  I tend to fall into the category of the later.

 Just yesterday my daughter and I walked from the parking lot at a grocery store into the store.  We both complained about how hot it was and she mentioned, at 15 years of age, how she could feel the sun burning her shoulders.

Unfortunately too much of humanity has thrown caution to the wind and the entire world is going to pay the price.  We’ve exhausted natural resources at an alarming rate without any care for the long term consequences.  We’ve ignored warnings and all too often conservative groups have tried to convince ignorant and uneducated masses that there is nothing to be afraid of and no reason to worry.  "Global weather change is cyclical" is all too often spouted off without any real understanding of what is happening.  Getting votes by way of fear-mongering and preying on the weak has become a national pastime in this country.

 I do believe that the inevitable destruction our of species by way of making our world uninhabitable for humanity can be stopped.  I only hope we do it before it’s too late.


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