Near Death Experiences

I found this article today on CNN.  The doctor’s comments were valid reasons why people who claim to go somewhere or see things might not really be doing so. 

Additionally, one question that the article asked, which I agree was a fair question, was "why do so many people claim to do/see the same things?".  That’s a great question, but one that I believe also can be answered simply. 

  1. Why do so many people react the same way when they put their finger on a hot iron? 
  2. Why do so many people have the same reaction to being hit with a baseball bat? 
  3. Why do most people respond the same way when someone they love decides to leave them? 

It all boils down to the fact that we’re all built virtually the same way.  It’s no surprise to me at all that people in a similar situation would respond in similar ways. 

Interestingly enough, the person in this article did claim to float away, see people from her life (that presumably have already died); however she didn’t claim to go to heaven.  Perhaps she wasn’t highly religious; therefore she didn’t have a predisposition to seeing what she had programmed her own mind to see?

Sooner or later, our species is going to evolve to the point where we learn why things work.  We’ve been doing it forever and have made tremendous strides in just the past 100 years.  I believe we’ll continue to make strides in the future.  Someday we’ll look back in amusement at how ignorant we were.  We’ll wonder why we ever cared if a gay person served in the military, or why we cared if a Mexican wanted to move from point A to point B, why we wanted to badly not to spend one red cent of our tax dollars on helping another human being.  We’re infantile and ignorant.  The least we should do is admit it.


2 thoughts on “Near Death Experiences

  1. The truth is, we do not know what one expeiences at death, near death is not death. The same can be said about near death expeiences, we can take an educated guess, but that is not factual, it is theoretical. One can make the same argument as used here, that if most had a religious experience, each with the same God, One could expect repetition of sightings. or what they see. God sometimes works in mysterious ways. It all comes down to whether one is a believer or a non-believer. I would rather die believing their is a God and Jesus is my savior and then find out there is no God, than to die believing there is no such thing as God and later find out there was.

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