What’s the deal with Airline Seating?

Ok, I’m becoming a fairly frequent flier these days.  When I was young, I flew quite a bit and actually enjoyed it; but then again I was small and it didn’t take much to amuse me.  Now, at the age of 38, post skydiving accident back pain in tow, I find it increasingly uncomfortable to fly.  And to add insult to injury it seems that the space allotted to me when I ride in the steerage section of the plane (as most of us do) is ridiculously small.

I used to sneer at the 1st class passengers and wonder why they’d want to spend the huge difference between their ticket price and mine just so they could have a bigger seat.  Now I wish I could afford the seat they’re sitting in!  But, ironically, the seats in 1st class aren’t large either.  They’re just “standard”.  The seats in coach are what I’d classify as sub-standard.

Where else is it considered acceptable for your knees to be making contact with both your neighbor next to you and the seat in front of you?  And elbow room?  Forget about it!  If you’re unlucky enough to not know how to play the game and secure yourself either an aisle or window seat, you are guaranteed to be sitting between two other people fighting for enough breathing room to make the plane ride bearable; only you have no chips with which to bargain.  You’re basically shit out of luck.

I’d like to blame this problem almost exclusively on the fact that American’s have become fat cows (as overall this is true), but even children find it difficult to find enough room to be comfortable these days on an airplane ride.  I don’t have an answer, but it seems the obvious choice would be to sell a few less seats; therefore the plane wouldn’t need to use as much fuel to carry all these fat asses around and we could all pay the same price and be comfortable at the same time!

Don’t even get me started on the overhead compartments!


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