The “Complex Eye” Argument

I added the following post to a forum devoted to the free discussion of religion (or anti-religion) back in April.  At the time I didn’t maintain a blog so I wasn’t fortunate enough to be able to publish to my thoughts within the group of those people who’d be more likely to read my blog.  Anyway, here it is.


Wow!  I keep reading about this whole anti-evolution argument, that the eye is too complex to have evolved on its own without divine intervention.  Although I’ve heard this argument before, not until 2 nights ago did it really hit home how ridiculous this argument is.

1.  The Human Eye – How complex is it really?  Out of the entire electromagnetic spectrum, the muman eye is only capable of "seeing" a very limited range.  X-rays?  Nope.  Gamma?  No again.  UV?  Sorry, don’t think so.  How about radio, microwave or infra-red?  No!  Again, we see VERY little.  We call the unbelievably small portion of the electro-magnetic spectrum that our "intelligently designed human eyes" do see the "visible" light, but ultimately it’s all just different wavelengths of the same stuff.

2.  Eyes of other species – Not all eyes are the same.  Many have either evolved or have been "intelligently designed" (I’m laughing here) to work differently than our own.  What?  Yes, this is true.  In fact, Honey Bees can SEE ultra violet radiation the same way we humans SEE light.

Anyway, the point I’m trying to make is that when one takes the time to really look at the facts, it becomes blatantly obivous how ludicrous it is to use the "complex eye" argument to say that both evolution is faulty and that intelligent design makes sense.


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