.MSI files requiring elevated permissions on Windows Vista

I needed to install the SQL Server Express Management Studio 64-bit version yesterday.  I downloaded the MSI file from Microsoft and did the typical thing I would do with any MSI file in this situation.  I double-clicked it and followed the prompts.  Well 80% into the install I discovered that I didn’t have the appropriate permissions to perform this install.  Nice!  Not.

Anyway, the simple work-around is to execute this install with elevated permissions; otherwise known as “run as administrator”.  The caveat is that MSI files can’t be run in this manner by right-clicking and selecting “run as administrator” like many other applications can.  Use the following method to work around this problem.

1.  Click “Start”, Type “cmd”, scroll up to the “cmd.exe”, right-click and select “Run as administrator”.  Once the command line window is displayed, it will be running in an elevated permissions mode.  Now execute the MSI from the command line and your problems will be solved.


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